Ninja Writers Mastermind offers you two services in one.

  1.  An action-item packed weekly lesson developed to guide you through a task you've been putting off.
  2.  Access to our entire team of teachers and mentors ready to help you one-on-one with any questions you have.

Our goal is for the lessons to take on a 'let's get this done' tone. We'll give you action items to complete during the week, and if completed you'll walk away by the end of the 8 weeks with a large todo item finally marked off your list.

We’ll have several breakout rooms in addition to the weekly lesson. These breakout rooms are where you'll find the guidance of the entire Ninja Writers team.

In the main room, Shaunta's breakout will focus on productivity and systems. We’ll talk more about the week’s lesson and she'll be there to help if you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re just not making the progress you want to.

Adrienne’s breakout focuses on branding, social media, and the visual representation of your business. AKA book covers. Her specialty is being able to spot trends and see where the work you’re planning fits into the wider publishing world.

Juneta’s breakout is for fiction writers and focuses on story development, creating series, and fiction-focused marketing like developing street teams. Her speciality is world-building and butt-kicking (in the sweetest way.)

Zach’s breakout is a catchall. It’s where you’ll go if you just need some encouragement, if you’ve got a question and you’re not sure which team member can help you the most, or if you just want to talk out an idea. His specialty is being the glue that keeps everything together. We all need glue. He's also a wiz at book formatting and poetry!

Keith's breakout room will be a Q&A for all your business-related tasks. We're beyond excited to have a seasoned business consultant join our team of teachers and mentors this quarter. Keith can answer most of your tax, LLC, legal, and business questions.

This quarter is all about the art of writing an amazing blog post.

Blogging is a beast. It can be an easy habit to fall into if you have the right tools and know-how. That's what I want to give to you this quarter.

All you really need is a formula and to be brave enough to press publish again and again and again.

Over the next 8 weeks we'll dive into being a content creator via blogging.

We'll talk mainly about writing for Medium, but also for Substack as well. You could easily apply these tactics to writing for your own website, too!

We'll talk about where to publish your work on Medium. Should you find other people's publications? Should you make your own? How do you make and maintain your own Medium publication?

Join us and we'll turn you into an active blogger in no time.

We'll meet every week for 8 weeks starting January 7th at 11am EST.

Each Saturday, Shaunta will teach and assign you action items to move closer and closer to being a consistent blogger.

This lesson will be held via zoom, as will the break-out rooms. The lesson will take place at 11 am EST and will last 30 minutes - 1 hour.

After the lesson (or instead of the lesson), you can choose to pop into a breakout room with another Ninja Writers teacher or mentor.

  •  Not getting the work done that you want to get done? Stick with Shaunta.
  •  Struggling with your Instagram account? Go see Adrienne.
  •  Have a business or legal question? Ask Keith.
  •  Need help with marketing your novel? Go see Juneta.
  •  Need to vent? Go hang out with Zach.

Get exclusive access to a BRAND NEW PROGRAM!

Every year in the week between Christmas and the New Year we teach a program called Fresh Start to help you plan out all your projects for success in 2023.

It's a free program and my favorite thing we do all year. Everyone leaves that workshop with an in-depth plan and editorial calendar for making it happen.

The problem comes after Fresh Start. As with all new year planning, it's up to you to get through the first quarter and stick with you plan.

I've finally come up with a program for that.

Introducing Fresh Start: Quarter One

Fresh Start: Quarter One will hold your hand as you complete one of your 2023 projects in quarter one of this year.

We'll help you decide which project to choose, how to best implement it, and how to see it through to the end.

By the time the quarter is over, you'll have gotten so much done it'll be impossible not to stick with your plan for quarter 2.

This is a brand new program and we want to test it out with our Mastermind students. Those in the Ninja Writers Mastermind are highly motivated to get things done -- which is exactly what this program needs to see success.

In this program, Fresh Start is Not only a clever acronym,
but also a sneak peek into its flow

F: Formulate a Plan 

R: Reset Whenever You Need To

E: Evaluate Your Progress

S: Show Up With Respect

H: Handle Setbacks

S: Schedule Tweaks

T: The Carrot or the Stick

A: Accept Responsibility

R: Resist Resistance 

T: Take the Win 

In Fresh Start: Quater One you'll get:

  • Weekly action steps and a recorded lesson.

  • Three live calls (on the first week - Jan 5th - 4th week, and 8th week) to help you make sure you're on track to complete your project in quarter one.

  • A private Facebook Group for daily accountability.

  • A weekly accountability breakout room in the Mastermind.

Fresh Start: Quarter One is a brand new program that we're building with you. It won't be perfect this first time around, but we can guarantee if you do the work you'll see real growth in your Q1 project.

Mastermind Quarterly by Adrienne Bray-ann Grimes