STOP writing your nonfiction book!

How long have you wanted to make real,
significant money from your writing?

What if I told you that you could sell a nonfiction book to a literary agent and publisher on an idea alone?

That you could sell your idea at top dollar BEFORE you've even written the first draft?

If that sounds intriguing to you, check this out...

Every year, we try to bring you one or two new opportunities to learn and to grow your writing business.

In 2023, we’re launching a brand new 12-week course called the Create-a-Proposal Workshop and we couldn’t be more excited! 

Our goal for this workshop is to make sure that you have a deep understanding of what a nonfiction book proposal is, how to use one to write and/or sell your book, and how it fits into your writing business.

The most important (and coolest) part, though? It’s our goal to make sure that you end the workshop with a completed proposal.

Is this program for me?

Yes, if...

👉 You want to write a nonfiction book.

👉 If you've got a goal of being a traditional OR indie-published nonfiction author.

👉 You're looking for the first step in writing a nonfiction book.

👉 You've got a great idea, know your topic, and you're ready to find your target audience.

👉 You're looking to build authority within your niche.

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Create-a-Proposal goes beyond just telling you what should be in a book proposal.

  • We’ll do a deep dive into each part of a successful book proposal. Because if you know why then it’s so much easier to do the work.
  • We’ll help you identify and fill in the gaps. You’ll end this workshop with a plan for getting from where you are now to where you need to be in order to be successful with the book you’ll write from your proposal. That means we’ll cover things like audience building and creating authority.
  • You’ll end this workshop with a solidly constructed nonfiction book proposal. This is what Ninja Writers does best. We don’t just give you the details and send you on your way. We stick with you and we create proposals together, in real time.
  • You’ll also write a query letter that you can use to get your proposal into the hands of an agent or publisher. Not sure you want to go with traditional publishing? No big deal. You’ll still learn the skill of a query letter. And, for the record, you’re the publisher if you go indie. This lesson will help you to learn how to talk to other people about your project.

You’ll be able to use your proposal to either sell your novel to a publisher, entice an agent to take you on, or write an amazing book to self-publish. 

Do you want to write a nonfiction book? My guess is you do, even if you don’t know it quite yet. Here’s why:

  • A nonfiction book can serve as a giant business card.
  • It lends you instant authority.
  • It’s an income stream.
  • It’s an audience builder.
  • It’s just a really cool achievement.

You’ve wanted to see your name on a book cover for a long time, right? This is where it starts, if you want to write nonfiction.

Our goal with the Create-a-Proposal Workshop is to make sure you not only understand how to create a proposal for the purpose of selling your book, but also get you through the planning phase of actually writing that book. And help you figure out a plan for using what you’re developing to start building an audience, too.

We’ll go over these parts of a proposal, in detail:

  • Overview
  • Target Audience
  • Author Bio
  • Comparable Titles
  • Marketing and Promotion (Blurbs, Getting in front of audiences, Repurposing)
  • Detailed Table of Contents
  • Sample Chapters
  • Timeline for Writing

There will be plenty of time for sharing your work, asking questions, and even doing exercises that will make writing each section of your proposal easier.

Because of the nature of a proposal, we’ll start with the table of contents and sample chapters–so you have the entire three months to work on them. And we’ll end with the overview, because how can you write that before you know what exactly you’re going to put in your book?

Over the workshop’s 12 weeks you’re going to develop your nonfiction book idea into a rock-solid book proposal.

The cool thing is that you don’t have to want to be traditionally published to benefit from this. 

If you’re an indie author–you are the publisher. And having a book proposal will make writing, publishing, and marketing your book so much easier. Your idea will come to life for you. Your table of contents will guide you through the whole process. And you’ll know exactly who you’re writing for, and why.

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How The Create-a-Proposal Workshop Will Run:

For twelve weeks, we’ll meet every Monday at noon EST for two hours, starting March 6th and ending on May 21, 2023.

Each Monday, Shaunta will teach you a lesson related to creating your proposal and you’ll know exactly what you need to do in the next week to make it happen.

The lessons will be held via Zoom. They’ll be recorded, so you can still participate, even if the time doesn’t work for you.

After each lesson, there will be time for sharing and asking questions.


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