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Shaunta Grimes
Shaunta Grimes

Hi! I’m Shaunta Grimes.

My novels have been published by Penguin and MacMillan. I’m one of Medium’s top-earning writers. And I created Ninja Writers, one of the most amazing writing communities on the Internet.

I believe that a good story, well told, can change the world. And I am passionate about helping you become the kind of writer you want to be.

Club Calendar: May 2020

Here's what's going on in May for club members:

Every Other Saturday

May 2: (3 p.m. EST) The Business of Writing with Keith

May 16: (3 p.m. EST) The Business of Writing with Keith

May 30: (3 p.m. EST) The Business of Writing with Keith

Every Sunday (TWO CALLS!)

May 3: (Noon EST) Working Writer Program Call (3 p.m. EST) NWAL Call

May 10: (Noon EST) Working Writer Program Call (3 p.m. EST) NWAL Call

May 17: (Noon EST) Working Writer Program Call (3 p.m. EST) NWAL Call

May 24: (Noon EST) Working Writer Program Call (3 p.m. EST) NWAL Call

May 31: (Noon EST) Working Writer Program Call (3 p.m. EST) NWAL Call

Every Monday

May 4: (8 p.m. EST) Blogging Co-Working Call

May 11: (8 p.m. EST) Blogging Co-Working Call

May 18: (8 p.m. EST) Blogging Co-Working Call

May 25: (8 p.m. EST) Blogging Co-Working Call

Every Tuesday

May 5: (9 p.m. EST) Basic Tech Co-Working Call with Meg

May 12: (9 p.m. EST) Basic Tech Co-Working Call with Meg

May 19: (9 p.m. EST) Basic Tech Co-Working Call with Meg

May 26: (9 p.m. EST) Basic Tech Co-Working Call with Meg

Working Writer Program Calls = Every Sunday afternoon at noon I host a call where we’re working on creating careers as writers and writing business plans in real time.

NWAL = Every Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. we have the Ninja Write-a-Long, our fiction co-working call. In May we’re talking about writing the second act.

Blogging Co-Working Calls = Every Monday night I host a call where we can talk about blogging. In this call Ninja Writers share blog posts for feedback from the group. I’m there to answer questions and offer support.

Business of Writing with Keith = Keith Grimes is a tax preparer and business consultant. Every other Saturday he comes by to answer questions on these topics for Ninja Writers.

Basic Tech with Meg = Meg Stewart hosts a call every Tuesday night to answer all of your basic tech questions (about blogging, using writing software, email list building, etc.) No question is too small!

Introducing The Ninja Writers Club

There are so many tools and resources and ideas and courses out there to teach you how to write. All kinds of famous writers have written books that teach you how to do what they do. You know that you need to put your butt in a chair and write.

But are you actually doing it?

There are so many tools and resources out there that it can be hard to know where to start.

What Does it Mean to Join the Club?

My goal with the Ninja Writers Club is to be able to offer members an easy and affordable way to get the accountability and mentorship they need to write their books and build a career as a writer.

We run on an annual schedule.

  • In January and July, every club member who wants one is hand-paired with another writer as an accountability and critique partner.
  • In September and October, we work as a group through The Plotting Workshop, with weekly live chats.
  • November is NaNoWriMo. We do it rebel-style, with well-plotted stories and our own goals.
  • In January we start a six month Ninja Write-a-Long. This is a group work-through of A Novel Idea. I write a novel right along with you.

When you join, all of this is included:

  • A Novel Idea. This is my year-long signature course. It takes you through writing a novel, from developing the spark of an idea, through plotting, writing, and editing. This is the exact method I use to write my own books.
  • The Writer Binder. This is the printable planner that I use to manage my own writing. All members get a free copy.
  • Instant access to every digital product I create. Ninja Writers Club members are my first line! Whenever I create anything, you are the first to receive it. This means that you’ll get free access to every self-published book, every online-only course, every resource.
  • Monthly live video workshops with me. Once a month, I host a 90-minute open office where I’m available to work with you on your projects. You can ask me questions, share your problems, workshop your stories. If you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to watch a replay.
  • Access to Write Already. All Ninja Club members are given a 90-day free subscription to the newsletter I run with my friend Shannon Ashley that’s all about figuring out how to earn a living as a writer. (We charge $19 per month.)
  • Maybe the best thing you’ll get when you join the club is accountability. Twice a year, in January and in July, we give you the option of being paired with another writer as a partner that we match you with based on the genre you write.

You also get:

  • A discount to Ninja Writers Academy workshops and classes. As a Ninja Writers Club member you’ll get first access to any openings in workshops and classes, and a 25% discount if you choose to join them.

A discount on writing services. Ninja Writers Club members receive a 25% discount on all writing services offered by the Ninja Writers Academy--including coaching and editing.


Ninja Writers Club

Ready to finally write that book?

  Enroll in Course

"I feel like I have a better grasp on my story than ever before. Usually I jump right in with a great idea and it fizzles out because I haven't thought through where it's going, who's involved, and what obstacles are going to arise. I love the process of discovery that happens when I write- about my characters, events and relationships that I hadn't even considered- and I don't feel like I'm going to be sacrificing that by plotting so thoroughly."

"The Plotting Workshop has for me been a great experience and a crucial tool in planning my novel. It has helped me more than words can say, and I've made some great friends among the Ninja Writers too! I can't thank this program enough! I've found it so helpful for making my plot concrete. It is really bringing all my ideas together and helping me to organize my thoughts and see what is pliable to the story or not."

"The community that Shaunta has gathered from her Ninja Writers is everything to an inexperienced writer just starting out. The friends I have met by posting my prompts are amazing. Without their daily encouragement, I don't know where I would be."

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ninja Writers Club

Do I have to buy A Novel Idea first?

Nope. This is a great way to get access to that course for a very low cost. I really believe that A Novel Idea can help you write your first (or next) novel, and I’m excited to have an easy and affordable way to give it to you. You don’t have to purchase anything before you join the club.

What if I’m a brand new writer?

The Ninja Writers Club is designed with beginning writers in mind. You’ll start where you are and (this is the cool part) get better. My goal is to help you finish writing your first book. Because once you’ve done that, you’ll have something to work with.

What if I’m mostly a non-fiction writer?

It’s true that I focus a lot of my work on writing fiction. It’s my first love. But a lot of what’s in the Ninja Writers Club is applicable to every writer. If you write narrative non-fiction that has a story arc, everything in the club will apply to you.

If you’re a blogger or are writing more how-to type books, I’m working to constantly add more things that will help you. I’m more than happy to talk to you during our 90-minute co-working calls, and there are plans in the works for adding a non-fiction call. As part of the club, you’ll be able to help me figure out how I can best help you.

What if I can’t make it to the live chats?

Don’t worry! I’ll record them and send you the replay.

Can you tell me more about the Buddy Program?

Of all the things we’ve done over the last three years, this has been one of the most successful. Twice a year, in July and January, we’ll send every member of the club a form where they can tell us what genre they write in, how much experience they have, and what they are looking for in a partner. Then we’ll hand match every club member who wants one with a buddy to work with on accountability and critique.

I already have a ton of Ninja Writers stuff. Do I really need this?

Well. That depends. Are you using it? Do you need help and support figuring out how to actually write your book?

Are you ready to go from really wanting to be a writer, to actually writing?

Then, yes. I think you do need this. I’m confident it will help you.

I do NANOWRIMO every year. Is the Ninja Writers Club a good fit for me?

Absolutely. In fact, when I think about an avatar for a Ninja Writers Club member, I imagine someone who has won NANOWRIMO at least once, and now that they know they can write a novel, they’re ready to slow down and learn how to write well.

Many Ninjas participate in NANOWRIMO every year.

What if I don’t have a current work-in-progress?

A Novel Idea is designed to help you figure out what to write. It takes you through developing just the spark of an idea into a novel. And the monthly calls are a great time to talk out your ideas and narrow down the story you want to write.

Ninja Writers Club is a good place for all writers, but I especially love helping writers finish their first novels. It’s the most exciting thing to me. So if you’re a new writer and you’re still finding your stride, this is the perfect place for you.

Will new things be added?

I am dedicated to making The NInja Writers Club the secret sauce you need to actually become a working writer who earns a living. That means I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and updating old ones.

The most exciting thing to me is that the club gives me a baseline of students. Club members are the front line. They get to try out new things and they are my priority when I offer those new things. Not only will new things be added, you’ll help me figure out what new things we need.

Will there only be tools and resources for fiction writers?

Fiction writing is my first love and a major focus for Ninja Writers, but a lot of the tools and resources in the Ninja Writers Club are useful for creative non-fiction writers and bloggers, too. Club Members will get a 90 day subscription to the newsletter I write with Shannon Ashley about earning a living as a writer (subscribers to that newsletter pay $19 a month.) I will be adding at least one resource in 2019--the printables and resources I create for the in person small group class I’m teaching with Shannon this summer.

Should I spend money if I’m not making money as a writer yet?

This question comes up so often. Here’s how I see it: it makes sense to spend a little money on the effort to learn. Many, many people do what I did and go deep in debt for accredited university programs.

Ninja Writers Club gives you access to powerful tools to help you learn to be the kind of writer you want to be, without breaking the bank.

How long will it take me to write a novel?

I think just about anyone can write a novel in a year.

But there’s more to it than that. Writing novels takes a long time. I had to write four of them before I wrote one that was publishable. I needed four learning novels. I’m definitely not promising that I can make your first novel a bestseller. Or even sellable at all. I couldn’t even do that for my own first novel.

What I can do is help you get the most out of your learning. I can give you the tools that will help you actually write those first novels. Having access to something like Ninja Writers Club would have helped me so much. In fact everything I create is designed for an ideal student who is basically me, when I was just starting out.

Courses Included with Purchase

How to Develop + Test a Story Idea
Prepare to Turn Yourself into an Idea MACHINE!
Shaunta Grimes
A Novel Idea
A Year of plotting, writing, and editing your novel.
Shaunta Grimes
Life, Curated: Recipe for a Fresh Start
Seven Steps for a Fresh Start Anytime
Shaunta Grimes
The Plotting Workshop
An 8-Week Course in Building a Road Map Through Your Novel
Shaunta Grimes

Original Price: $378

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you remain a member - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

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